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«Soy el Doctor Carlos Morales. "I am Dr Carlos Morales. My goal is to help patients who have not found a solution to their pain, so that they can recover their quality of life and return to their activity, with minimal medication and without surgery, regardless of their age and any other circumstances."

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I studied medicine at the University of NavarraI have completed a postgraduate degree and three masters in the area of pain treatment: Master of Neurosciences of Pain at the University of Granada, de la Universidad de Granada, Master of Regional Anesthesia by ultrasound at the University of Salamanca and my last master has been the Master University Expert in Pain at the UCA in 2020. de la UCA el año 2020.

I am currently working at Hospital Santa Elena como médico anestesista de la Unidad del Dolor, área a la que me he dedicado en los últimos 8 años. Cada año realizo más de 500 intervenciones ambulatorias en pacientes con dolor.

I think that pain is in many cases a reflection of the health of the individual so I like to help my patients improve their lifestyles and become healthier. I like to lead by example when I tell my patients to exercise, and I consider myself a fit person, although I have not always been that way, but rather the opposite. Although everyone's situation is different and it's not about judging anyone, I don't like to work with patients who don't understand that they have a part of the responsibility for their recovery. I also don't like working with patients who have accepted pain as normal and think they are not going to get better no matter what they do.

I abide by the principles of responsible medicine. I don't like to prescribe medications to mask pain, and although I know they are sometimes necessary, I try to avoid putting patients on medication for life.

I also try to help patients void unnecessary surgeries surgeries because of the risks involved, and because sometimes patients do not know the alternatives that exist to their problem, which can avoid having to undergo surgery.

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The technical means in the treatment of pain have advanced a lot in recent years and are becoming more effective, safe and durable. Having the necessary training in these techniques is essential to obtain good results, so I am in continuous search of the safest and most effective techniques to control pain and I count for example with the accreditation of EExpert in Lumbar Radiofrequency of the Spanish Pain Society.

You may think your pain has no solution because you are too old or because the treatments you have tried so far have not worked. But if you want help and want to opt for the best treatment from a real pain specialist with good experience and training I can help you. All you have to do is contact me and I will explain in detail what the specific treatment for your problem consists of.




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