I help your pain with new anaesthetic techniques. You can recover your activity without surgery and with minimal medication

You may find yourself in this situation

Day-to-day limitations

The pain is so intense o you suffer it for such a long time that it affects your daily life, and it is preventing you from living a normal life.
How would you feel if the pain were no longer an impediment to walking, driving, playing sports or resting?


You are tired of pain leaving you without energy to do anything, and you want to recover your quality of life.
Imagine what it would be like to stop suffering, to feel well and without pain and to be able to enjoy life as before, with energy.



Conventional medication is not working for you and you don't want to be on pills all your life because of the side effects they have on your heart, stomach and kidneys.
There are probably healthier options for you in the long term.


Surgery has not worked for you in terms of pain control, or you want to avoid surgery.
There is likely an alternative to surgery that you do not know about or some treatment that can alleviate the pain if surgery has not resolved it.


You want to prevent or treat pain secondary to age-related degenerative processes in the knee, hip, shoulder...
Keep enjoying your lifestyle for many more years with safe treatments and without side effects. with safe treatments and almost no side effects


You are looking to treat the pain you have been suffering for a long time and so far no one has been able to help you.
As an anesthesiologist in the Pain Unit, I can give you a different approach.

Living without pain is the most important part of health and wellness.

Pain is a physiological defence process but if the intensity of pain is too high or its duration is too long it tends to get worse and worse. 

If pain is not treated properly it can become permanent, producing disease in itself, chronic pain. 

Chronic pain is a serious problem, producing serious sequelae in patients:

lack of energy, lack of joy, stress, insomnia, work incapacity, social problems...


Chronic pain affects up to 22% of the populationand is becoming more and more frequent due to the increase in life expectancy.

The Pain Units were created to combat this epidemic. that affects the health and well-being of citizens.

Pain treatment is everyone's right

Many people have been suffering from pain for years, a problem they carry with them and to which no one has been able to provide a solution. However, the vast majority of patients are unaware of the special treatment options of pain unitsa inmensa mayoría de los pacientes desconocen las opciones de tratamientos especiales de las unidades del dolor, or have not been able to access them through Social Security.

"We all deserve the opportunity to alleviate our pain to improve our degree of autonomy and quality of life,, regardless of age or any other circumstances."

If you have been suffering for a long time and nothing has worked for you

perhaps the time has come to look for a different solution,

accessing the new treatments available in the pain unit. accessing the new treatments available in the pain unit.

However, I cannot help you without  you taking the first step. 

These are the private companies con las que tengo acuerdo:

I have treated thousands of patients with problems like yours.

Every year I carry out hundreds of interventions 
minimally invasive pain treatment

Each type of pain is treated differently but selectively

selectively acting on the source of the pain,

 most cases are treatable without surgery,

regardless of the location, duration or reason for the pain.

Remedy your pain is also within your reach with the new anaesthetic techniques that I offer

Doctoralia Awards 2021 Finalist for my patients' opinions

Doctoralia - 05/10/2021 Location: Hospital Quirón Málaga
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He has treated me twice for a lumbar RF and has given me a new opportunity to be happy by taking the pain that bothered me so much. A great professional in all aspects. Thank you, Dr.
 A G.
A G.
Topdoctors - 02/02/2021 Location: Hospital Quirón Málaga
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Very good professional and have excellent treatment for his patients.
María del Carmen
María del Carmen
Doctoralia - 02/21/2021 Location: Hospital Quirón Málaga
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Since I have been undergoing the treatment indicated by the doctor, neck and lumbar filtrations, I notice a lot of improvement.
Topdoctors - 12/29/2021 Location: Hospital Quirón Málaga
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Since I have been undergoing the treatment indicated by the doctor, neck and lumbar filtrations, I notice a lot of improvement.
 José Manuel
José Manuel
Doctoralia - 02/16/2021 Location: Consultas Externas Litoral - QuirónSalud Málaga
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Professional, humane, pleasant, explain the treatments and shows empathy and kindness to the patient.
Silvia Gambero
Silvia Gambero
GoogleMaps - 05/01/2021 Location: Hospital Quirón Málaga
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Excellent professional and exquisite treatment, with a single infiltration, has stopped the pain and, I have been able to recover my usual activity.
Luis A Saldarriaga
Luis A Saldarriaga
GoogleMaps - 05/15/2021 Location: Hospital Quirón Málaga
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Excelente, formalidad, comprensión, interés, en conclusión es una persona fabulosa, implicada con sus pacientes y profesional con su trabajo

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If you are tired of suffering pain and want to enjoy life as before, do not wait any longer, tell me your case so that I can offer you the best solution.

Doctor Carlos Morales

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